A Leader Must be Aware says Deepak Chopra

Reading Deepak Chopra’s most recent post on LinkedIn called The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must be Aware, has heartened me. Since the 1980s, a narcissistic business style has been not only praised but emulated. You don’t have to look beyond Wall Street to know that a singular focus, ego-driven leadership style cannot sustain itself for the long haul. And, who really thinks that there is a place for anger in the workplace? Certainly, not me.

I would love to see Chopra’s teachings take hold. Business leaders being willing to take mindful steps to evolve to the point that the definition of success is “one understands the inner world and the inner physiological state of those that they are leading”. This is music to my ears. Finally, when Chopra mentions that “awareness is the birthplace of possibilities”…I can’t agree more.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This is a good reminder that we can align the business and personal parts of our lives to have total integrity vs compartmentalizing them as separate.

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