WalkePR is a strategic image media agency founded on the principles positive client visibility and creative marketing programs. Offers coaching, content, consistency and connection. Client range: international brands, luxury retail, private business, public agencies, non-profit and single artists.

Julie Walke – president & media image strategist

  • Results-driven and award-winning marketing executive – with more than 25 years of experience developing strategic marketing and public relations plans.
  • Veteran community leader – invested in the unique dynamics of San Diego County politics, history and culture.
  • Consummate relationship builder – with the technical and interpersonal expertise to manage revenue and profit.
  • Excellent communicator and published author – with the skills necessary to articulate ideas and influence opinion.
  • Media relations expert with broadcast television and video production experience. Have produced sales videos, network audition tapes and b-roll. Gained mutual respect with all media reporters/producers.