Belmont Village Senior Living

WalkePR represents the western region communities of Belmont Village Senior Living, a Houston-based senior housing developer, in San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. Belmont Village Senior Living is a leading provider of Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, offering research-based programs for mind and body to serve a range of health care needs and cognitive abilities.  Enrichment programs include: MBA Club® for active residents, award-winning Circle of Friends® program for Mild Cognitive Impairment, and a Person-Centered Living® program for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Residents enjoy chef prepared meals, housekeeping, transportation, social activities, and support from a well-trained staff.


Belmont Village sponsored a national tour of WWII images captured by LA-based portrait photographer Thomas Sanders. The permanent galleries unveiled poignant photographic tributes of WWII Veterans and Belmont Village residents, accompanied by their personal stories.  CEO Patricia Will met Sanders and learned of his personal mission to capture the images and stories of as many WWII vets as possible. She was so impressed with his work and with his insight and dedication, that she invited him visually capture more than 500 of the largest and most diverse group of veterans possible — for the purpose of preserving and honoring their images and stories. Sanders’ photographs and stories were published in 2008 in an award-winning book called The Last Good War, the Faces and Voices of WWII . WalkePR, through Belmont Village, managed the California portion of Sanders’ national book tour.


WalkePR also worked with photographer Thomas Sanders on the stories for his Lasting Love Promotion in 2001
Belmont Village Lasting Loves Promotion  July 2011 


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