Photos from 2012 La Jolla Secret Garden Tour

Here is an inside peek behind the gates of some of the wonderful gardens in La Jolla. Check out my board on Pinterest

Any PR is not good PR

People used to say that any PR is good PR. That’s not true anymore, especially with the speed of news fuled by social networking. An inadvertant message is not great, but a bad message cannot really be retracted. Take for example, the airlines industry. A group of crisis communicators are talking today about Spirit Airlines […]

Harnessing Your Infinitude

A colleague of mine Barry John Johnson recently wrote 10 Steps to Harness your Infinitude about how to harness your Infinitude. It means that each person is capable of so much when they are spiritually connected and in line with their true path. But most of us fear and resist this state of being as […]

Make a Living Mistletoe Kissing Ball

This is an elegant take on a Victorian Tradition by using mistletoe, silvery organza ribbons and crystal droplets that sparkle with the sunshine and moonlight. How to make: Soak a florist foam ball and drain. Make a hole thorugh the center -push the ribbon through and tie off at the base with a small piece […]

Garlands and Greenery That Sparkle of the Season

A beautiful, silvery, frosted wreath made of hydrangea flower heads dusted with white spray paint and interwoven with foliage, pussy willows, and honesty.How to make: Arrange the evergreen foliage to cover a foam base – making sure that everything goes in the same direction. Secure long sections with florist wire and interweave everything else. Finish […]

Spend a Romantic Christmas in an English Castle

  Amberley Castle, a 12th-century castle is West Sussex is now a family-run hotel with 19 antique-filled bedrooms and a large restaurant Enjoy a romantic, peaceful and tranquil break at Amberley Castle. Hidden away for 900 years near the picturesque village of Amberley in the chalk South Downs, Amberley Castle is a magnificent historical treasure that […]

Taking Your Career To The Next Level

Are you… or somebody you know… looking for a new job?  Or wondering how to market yourself up the corporate ladder? Thorough preparation and creative follow-up are the “hot buttons” of every hiring manager. Executive Elevator Career Consulting will help you push the right buttons… and take your career to the next level. When you’re ready […]

Cutest Valentine Gift for the Techno Geek

Here is the perfect gift for the geeky girlfriend who loves cute computer accessories. For $180, you can get her a 1GB flash drive ‘disguised’ as a heart pendant. This little bundle of polished stainless steel and silver shaded crystal will let her store her data in style.

Don’t Leave Home Without This!

 I am not talking about your credit card, that would be too easy! Actually, I am referring to a new type of map that will get you everywhere you need to go during the inauguration — it’s the President Obama Commemorative Inaugural fabMAP® –  It’s tear-proof, won’t wrinkle, and has many uses including cleaning glasses, […]

It’s a New Year and Time to Find Out What’s Hot!

Happy New Year 2009! Not feeling any real pressure but thinking that this is a good time to start a new blog. I’ll call it, “What Hot” because everyone thinks that I have a cool job and do lots of interesting things. So consider this a behind-the-scenes blog about people you wish you knew, about places that […]