City of Imperial Beach

WalkePR launched the first proactive positive image campaign in the city’s history – including the creation of a new city logo, in partnership with Digitaria, and a new marketing slogan renaming the City as  Classic Southern California©.   WalkePR handled all media inquiries involving issues related to the Border, sewage, water, traffic, noise, redevelopment and the environment.  speech writing and marketing programs on behalf of the City from 1996 through their 50th Anniversary in 2006.   WalkePR worked to reverse the traditionally negative focus of the City’s media coverage with strong and consistent message points coupled with a high volume of press activity that produced a turning point for the City, where tourism and property values increased along with a new era of community pride.  WalkePR was awarded the Silver Bernays for Excellence from the San Diego Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America for the best government campaign for 2000. Julie Walke also penned the Pictorial History of Imperial Beach for the City’s bi-Centennial anniversary. 

Client Clips:

Imperial Beach May 1999