Filner Victim target of Secondary Victimization by KOGO Radio Personality Chris Merrill

In an opportunistic attempt to seek more fame, San Diego KOGO radio personality Chris Merrill is willing to be the face of repulsive behavior at the expense of a woman already victimized by Mayor Bob Filner. Merrill is both nauseating and a coward. He hides behind the shock jock cover of “this being his shtick” and then mocks his critics who bring his bad behavior to light.

So why is Merrill taking cheap shots at assault victim Peggy Shannon’s physical attributes? Sexual crimes against women can happen to anyone.  Shannon is a woman who made the difficult decision to come forward so that she can put these traumatic events behind her and start the healing process. Where is the humanity and empathy that Merrill should be exhibiting? No need to wonder why sexual assault victims are afraid to confront their attacker.

With regard to Mayor Filner, he is an equal opportunity narcissist, who used inappropriate sexual behavior to control or bully his victims. The insensitivity that Merrill is dishing out amounts to a second round of victimization towards Shannon.

What is Merrill’s problem? Is the story not sordid enough for this bully that he has to resort to Frat Boy humor to get attention?  At a minimum Merrill should apologize, remove his blog post and volunteer his time for community service with assault victims because clearly he has no understanding. Personally, I think that Merrill should be fired for the secondary victimization of Peggy Shannon – by causing unnecessary pain and suffering to the victim; and by further using his public personality to openly express bullying behavior.   

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