Got Social Media?

Taking Social Media classes at San Diego State University or #SDSU has taught me several things. There is a lot more to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest than I first thought and making Social Media tools work together to create effective communications campaign requires forethought.

This blog will not answer your questions nor will it be the only information source that you need to harness the intricacies of these tools. But, if you are like me, we did not grow up as children using computers, so the learning curve is a lot steeper than Gen X or Gen Y.

It’s so easy for a person in their twenties or thirties to say,” you can do this or do that” – they grew up using computers so it is second nature to them. For me, any new site, program or tool requires more attention so that I can acquire the steps, tips and tricks to successfully navigate these sites.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? I learned that if you have a video that you want to put on your web site. You should launch it on YouTube first so that you can get a link. You share the link not by selecting Facebook on YouTube but by a copy and paste process onto your Facebook status entry. This way, you drive traffic from Facebook to YouTube and from YouTube to your website.