Move Against Relocating Choppers Here

WalkePR handled media relations for the City of Del Mar during their lawsuit to prevent the Marines from relocating helicopters to Miramar Air Station. Communicating the complexity of this issue was compounded by several plaintiffs and their agendas. The M.A.R.C.H. organization, wanted to see the Marines vacate the Miramar airfield and relocate to March Air Base in Riverside County. The City of Del Mar wanted increased visibility of their legal action to reduce flights over the city, preferring that the military flights be re-routed to a more southern air corridor. And, private citizen and Del Mar resident, Dick Hertzberg wanted errors in Navy’s FEIS rectified while stating that The Navy’s tactics were unethical. WalkePR coordinated a series of press conferences to address the larger communities’ concern over MCAS Naval Air Station Operations. The lawsuit was settled with military concessions over the number of flights and with flight operations directed away and at higher altitude from coastal residential areas.