Oprah’s Biggest Interview with Lance Armstrong – Who Benefited the Most?

Lance Armstrong may have sought a world-wide audience but Oprah said it was her biggest interview — so who benefited the most?

When the queen of all media announces in a pre-interview interview that her “come to Jesus” talk with Lance Armstrong is her biggest interview yet. Believe her. Those of us who are Oprah devotes initially wondered why Lance Armstrong? He is a retired athlete with a dubious reputation on and off his bike. Who cares? But, he comes like many before seeking absolution from “POprah” (a recent dubbing). And, she knows that Lance Armstrong’s brand reaches beyond sport – his personal life stretches into Hollywood and his charity work extends into lives of families across the country. So, she takes the opportunity to handle the reins, build more interest and parley it into brand awareness for the Oprah Winfrey Network/OWN.

From the CBS This Morning press push forward, Oprah deftly handles the biggest question by saying that “he (Lance) brought it.” Now everyone wants to see firsthand, a contrite Lance Armstrong. Using her media genius she starts off with  “yes or no” questions that not only whet the appetite but also make it a video editor’s dream.  Easy to grab an initial sound bite and immediately report, tweet or re-tweet. Did I watch the entire interview…you bet! Do I like or approve of Lance Armstrong any better…not likely. His admission to being a bully and a jerk  did not build trust in me. But seeing him sat next to Oprah you did get the feeling that he  was trying to turn things around. But, I don’t think that he was the only one who needed this interview to turn things around. In my book Oprah definitely benefited the most, which would make her the queen of all media.

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