Pictorial History: University Club of San Diego

UclubPeople often ask what it is like to publish a pictorial history. It takes a interesting subject combined with someone who likes to spend endless hours ferreting out interesting facts, figures and weave them into a thematic narrative. All combined with a few hundred images culled from thousands reviewed and eliminated. Details matter in this art form. From the person who shoots the image, to the person who owns the image, to the photo editor that makes the image shine. In the end it is a satisfying journey because the work is beautiful and meaningful to all who take part in the shared history.

Once you publish a book the facts on the ground always change. So it is really a dense snapshot. If there is a typo (and there will most likely will be one) I don’t really want people to tell me. I do want to know though, if the typo is humorous. I once saw the word “Head” miswritten as “Dead” in reference to a past leader. In that case — it was funny. We all laughed because factually…he was dead.

This is my third and the most visually stunning book. The book can be purchased by contacting the University Club Atop Symphony Towers. Please call 619-234-5200. The price is $55 plus $7 for shipping.

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