Postive Spin™

Public relations influences everything we see, hear and read about in the traditional and digital media.  I see the business of Public relations as the business of “positive thinking” because successful public relations campaigns rely on a positive belief that your message will effectively create change or cause someone to act on your message.  More often than not it requires having enough patience to strategically approach multiple media channels to create a buzz about you that sticks!  In my blog  Positive Spin™, I will take what I learned over twenty years in this business and translate it into a personal public relations guide to fit your life.  Everyone has a unique story to tell and there is always a better way to say it, attract and win over people. Whether in the media or on the street. If you desire to make a positive change at work, home or play — then follow Positive Spin™, as I use public relations tools to help you reach your personal goals or whatever you want to accomplish with your life.  





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