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Walke Communications offers expertise in developing marketing-driven strategic planning for client branding, growth, and visibility. We provide an added-value approach to corporate, agency, and non-profit clients by capitalizing on brand distinction, increasing awareness, enhancing a positive reputation, and by impacting revenues. Business sectors include the arts, fine art exhibition management, luxury retail, entertainment, senior housing, and philanthropy.

Walke Communications counsel in media relations, crisis communications, and community relations. We offer production planning for video and still photo shoots, photography services, art gallery services, and the written word.

Julie Walke

Owner, Founder

Julie Walke is a marketing and public relations executive with a background working in corporate, agency, public sector, and non-profit environments. A strategic thinker and creative problem-solver, she articulates ideas and influences opinion; which is the bedrock of successful public relations. A published author, Walke has authored eight pictorial history publications, a fine art photography book, and a YA novel. She has produced fine art exhibitions for more than a decade. She is a consummate relationship builder with the technical and interpersonal expertise to manage teams.