2015 University Club Arts Committee

San Diego enjoys a wealth of art from our universities, institutions, museums and performance venues unrivaled by virtually any other city of our size in the United States. The University Club Arts Committee provides an exhibit space dedicated to our community’s exceptional art and performance venues. With at least four exhibitions a year from San Diego’s […]

Pictorial History: University Club of San Diego

People often ask what it is like to publish a pictorial history. It takes a interesting subject combined with someone who likes to spend endless hours ferreting out interesting facts, figures and weave them into a thematic narrative. All combined with a few hundred images culled from thousands reviewed and eliminated. Details matter in this art […]

Filner Victim target of Secondary Victimization by KOGO Radio Personality Chris Merrill

In an opportunistic attempt to seek more fame, San Diego KOGO radio personality Chris Merrill is willing to be the face of repulsive behavior at the expense of a woman already victimized by Mayor Bob Filner. Merrill is both nauseating and a coward. He hides behind the shock jock cover of “this being his shtick” […]

San Diego’s Mayor Filner in Media Crisis

Managing a media crisis such as a natural disaster or unfortunate accident like a shark attack is not easy to do but it is another thing altogether to handle a media crisis generated by misuse of power or anti-social behavior. The media crisis surrounding San Diego’s Mayor Filner, has been created by his bad behavior, […]

100 Sunsets -Managing Grief Through Photography

Turning sad news into creative action can offer a person a way to grieve but it can also give longterm perspective and peace. A couple of months ago, I was faced with the sad news over the sudden death of someone who had been close. The fact that he was relatively young and that I […]

Southwest and their use of social media to preempt media crisis

As a media professional, I am always reading stories about how companies handle different media issues. Here is one that I found interesting. Southwest Airlines airline spokesman Paul Flaningan spoke to an audience at a Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference in Florida recently where he explained his company’s broad use of social […]

A Leader Must be Aware says Deepak Chopra

Reading Deepak Chopra’s most recent post on LinkedIn called The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must be Aware, has heartened me. Since the 1980s, a narcissistic business style has been not only praised but emulated. You don’t have to look beyond Wall Street to know that a singular focus, ego-driven leadership style cannot sustain itself for […]

Oprah’s Biggest Interview with Lance Armstrong – Who Benefited the Most?

When the queen of all media announces in a pre-interview interview that her “come to Jesus” talk with Lance Armstrong is her biggest interview yet. Believe her. Those of us who are Oprah devotes initially wondered why Lance Armstrong? He is a retired athlete with a dubious reputation on and off his bike. Who cares? […]

Postive Spin™

Public relations influences everything we see, hear and read about in the traditional and digital media.  I see the business of Public relations as the business of “positive thinking” because successful public relations campaigns rely on a positive belief that your message will effectively create change or cause someone to act on your message.  More often than not it requires having enough […]

Got Social Media?

Got Social Media? Tips, Tricks and Takeaways on using Social Media for those who didn’t grow up using computers