Through Julie’s vision and leadership, this program has grown into a “must do” promotion among top arts and performance institutions in the San Diego region. I believe that Julie Walke will be an asset to any arts organization who want to produce creative, innovative, and forward-thinking programming.
Gaidi Finnie
San Diego African American Museum of Fine Arts
Julie Walke as played an instrumental role in building Belmont Village’s reputation and creating awareness across California…She is a motivated self-starter and leader with a high rate of success in media placements, due in large part to her creative, strategic mind-set and big picture vision.
Amy W. Self APR
Belmont Village Senior Living
Julie was a passionate, upbeat, and always gracious committee chair whose focus was always on problem-solving in working to accomplish a goal of substance. She showed great energy, curiosity, and appreciation in her approach to whatever work was at hand.
Rob Sidner
Mingie International Museum
I found Julie to be creative and enthusiastic in helping the City of Imperial Beach take years of negative media impressions, redefine the messages, update our marketing logo into Classic Southern California © and implement and award-winning program that resulted in years of positive press.
Diane Rose
Former Mayor Imperial Beach
I was frankly blown away that the Blue Ribbon panel did the right thing here. Not that they weren’t capable of doing it, but how rare it is when we get a community group who gets a task done on time with some really strong principled decisions. My thanks to everybody for a job done well. Julie, you kept us (news media) in the loop, everybody knew what was happening, and the word got out. My thanks and congratulations.
J.W. August
News Director, KGTV-10 (ABC)
Julie is especially good at distilling extensive information and feedback into an understandable and focused strategic plan. During this process we found Julie’s extensive knowledge of all the disciplines of marketing and how they integrate to be of great value. For proven and effective results for your company, I would highly recommend her. She was just what we needed.
Chris Bryant
President, San Diego Employers Association