One Hundred Sunsets

100 Sunset Cover Edit

This is a collection of 100 sunset images that journal author Julie M. Walke’s personal journey from grief to peace after receiving the news of the sudden death of her former husband. The images illustrate a universal appreciation of sunsets. This is not a self-help book, rather it is the author’s belief that everyone has the capacity to improve their emotional well-being through a renewed appreciation of the natural world, and the often forgotten rhythm of nature that coexists simultaneously alongside our daily lives. Walke turned to nature and discovered the restorative power of watching a sunset. She vowed to photograph this experience and healing process over the course of one year or one hundred sunsets . . . whichever came first. This story is being shared now because of the millions of people around the world who are grieving. These sunsets provide hours of contemplation through a calming pictorial. The book is dedicated to the celebration of life and the daily renewal that is promised after the sun sets.