The Beach Club

The Beach

Along a quiet stretch of Pacific Coast Highway lies a modest Cape Cod-style building that you might miss if the traffic is moving too quickly. With a second glance at the picture-perfect blue-and-white-striped canopied entrance, one knows that this belies a place of importance. It is, after all, one of only three remaining private clubs along this section of the California coastline. And, this stretch of shoreline along Palisades Beach Road is a majestic slice of perfection—the idyllic combination of sea, sand, and sun that millions aspire to see any time of the year. Known simply as The Beach Club, this venerable, but casual, club has stood basking in the sun for one hundred years. Its members are fiercely loyal and simultaneously proud that for generations, this place has faced the big waves and navigated the headwinds to bask in the glory of its centennial. This book is about the early days of Santa Monica and how the club’s first members were some of the most well-known people in industry and Hollywood. This club thrives on its families, who for many generations have considered this to be their home away from home. From athletics to social activities to family traditions, you can see why this is the best spot for a beach club. This book is dedicated to the early members who envisioned the type of club that could be possible, and to today’s members who are ensuring that the vibrancy and relevancy of The Beach Club will be sustained for decades to come for the benefit of future generations