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Launched the first positive image media marketing campaign for the City of Imperial Beach. The City of Imperial Beach, the most southwesterly city in the United States and small town in San Diego County faced the dubious reputation as a haven of biker bars and Mexican sewage. After a new Federal Border Wastewater Sewage Plant came online, the City Council decided that it was time to eradicate the social problems and launch the first public relations campaign to improve their reputation. Walke Communications research determined that a new city logo and marketing slogan Classic Southern California, would give the small town a new image with which to identify.  An aggressive media campaign was launched to increase awareness by educating the region about the local people, their traditions and their family-oriented beach town.  The campaign won San Diego’s Silver Excellence Award because beach attendance increased, property values rose, businesses were attracted to moving into the town. The City of Imperial Beach now enjoys a positive reputation and is a tourist destination in San Diego County.

Awarded the Silver Mark of Excellence Award: Best Government Campaign (2000).
Awarded the Bronze Merit Award: Special Purpose Publications (2006) for writing Imperial Beach: A Pictorial History.

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